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El Pinto Co-Packing

GIFT PACK, EL PINTO, #13, 35 oz

GIFT PACK, EL PINTO, #13, 35 oz

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Wild & Fiery Chipotle (Hot) 

A FAMILIAR FAVORITE, SCORCHED: Our medium chipotle was so popular we had to release it in a hotter version thus, Wild & Fiery was born. Same great flavor, but the chipotle peppers are roasted slightly longer, giving the finished product more of a bite.

El Pinto Green Chile Sauce (Hot)

NO NONESENSE INGREDIENTS: Made with only, green Chile, tomato, garlic, onion. This sauce is a simpler and healthier way to add seasoning to your food by using fresh vegetables instead of taco seasoning packets.

EP Original Salsa ( Hot) ORIGINAL SALSA: Made with a special blend of tomatoes and green Chile this salsa is sure to be your flavorful go-to. Available in 3 different heat levels

FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE EATING: No GMO’s, Gluten Free, No Added Sugars, Made with Hatch Valley Green Chile

  • RESTAURANT ORIGINATED: In 1962 Jack and Consuelo Thomas opened El Pinto Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico selling this very same salsa recipe. The restaurant is now the biggest in the South-West with a seating capacity of 1,200.

NEW MEXICO TRUE/FAMILY OWNED: El Pinto has proudly produced all its products in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the same 15-acre property our restaurant sits on under the control of “The Salsa Twins” Jim and John Thomas. Jack and Consuelo’s sons.


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